The life of Pruzz, Yati & Idlan..not forgetting Amir Firas!

By: Fairuz Hilyati

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Monday, 5-Jan-2009 04:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cuti-cuti PD 1st Jan 2009

baru checked-in
terus change
mama kata saya taleh mandi
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Date: 1/1/2009
Venue: Tiara Beach Resort
Who: Abah, mama, idlan, firas
citer-citer refer my blog jela eh

Tuesday, 30-Dec-2008 01:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark

after blk alamanda..umah tgh black out!
mama plak sibuk amik gambar saye
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Cuti punyerla lama, rasa sangap duk umah jer. Idlan lagi bosan kot..sbb kena curfew almost 2 weeks pekena chicken pox hoho. Hotel byk fully booked, padanla muka kami tak plan awal2. Sudahnyer jln2 ke shopping mall usual

25/12 - Alamanda. Makan2 n shopping sket.
26/12 - Mines. Main bowling, tgk fish, mkn2, tgk cicakman2, sedikit shopping lagi Kesian adik kena tinggal kat nursery hehe
27/12 - gi umah umi/pa
28/12 - baik. Duk diam kat umah jer.
29/12 - sangap balik. Ptg gi Tmn Tasik Cyberjaya..bwk idlan main kat playground, makan eskrem, jln tepi tasik. Tpt yg bagus...tak byk duit habis
30/12 - masuk keje. Rasa sangap balik sbb ramai giler org cuti waaaaaaaaa. Jln pon all clear. Idlan pon dah diantar ke nursery after 2 weeks berkampung kat umah.

Monday, 8-Dec-2008 03:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the many faces of Idlan n Firas

abah is back from genting!
ole2 from genting....big candy!
hi name saya firas
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5 Dec - Yey Abah is back! Together with 2 awards. Congrats B!
6 Dec- outing to Jusco, bought Idlan's besday pressie (power rangers operation overdrive), lunch at McD
7 Dec - 5 hr journey back to Kedah. Both the kiddos were all OK.
8 Dec - Raya Haji at Junjung. I was the only one looked strange with the pink kurung pahang. Couldnt stand wearing kebaya and bwk si kecik tu berjln2.
10 Dec- it's Idlan's and mak's besday. Celebrate at Abg Nuar's house with a decent minnie mouse cake (sini tade secret recipe hehe) and KFC and nasi campur.
12 Dec - back to KL. Spotted few tiny red spots on idlan's. Abah initially thought 'kena gigit semut'. Ended up it was chicken pox laa huhuhuhu
14 Dec - mak came to KL to take care of Idlan so that me and B can go to office as usual. I've to spare some leaves just in case Firas get infected by the virus

and until today, our plan to have idlan's besday celebrated with his frens at nursery still not materialized...cian dia

Hepi 4th Birthday my dear Idlan Farhan!
No words can describe how much we all love you.

* Firas at 4 mths - 6.5kg

Thursday, 4-Dec-2008 03:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
mommies outing @ mid valley

go go jah!
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Threw out the idea as one of the way out from the usual work-related stress and hectic office/home setting. Last minute withdrawal from one of our colleague Eza, hence only 4 of us, opps 5 campur the lil Aisya.

Went for bowling (as for my case it was my 1st game tis year), first game no one catches even A strike, second game we gained the momentum already and tadaaa....combination of spares and strikes emerged

Had Nandos for lunch (that alone dragged our time for hours due to their extremely slow service grrr) and we gobbled our food as if been starved for ages. That left us for merely 2 hrs to hunt and grab everything before we call the day off, and back to our normal routine i.e. drive thru the heavy traffic, pick up the kiddies, attend to their needs bla bla bla. Pressure plak rasa nak cari itu ini within such a limited time. Anyway we did enjoy ourselves and wish we could initiate another girlies outing like this

p/s: semah kena join next time

Tuesday, 18-Nov-2008 04:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
mixed entry on idlan n firas

abah testing phone baru :p
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My personal note:

Firas at 3 mth - 5.8kg
Able to smile (yet suara simpan tak kuar time smile tuh )
Babbles a lot when we 'talk' to him
Response well to sound, pretty busy scanning the environment
Still a fussy baby, especially during bf
Alhamdulillah so far dia sihat, never fall sick...the wonders of mom's milk

Idlan at 3yrs 11 mth - 20kg (berat yg amatss, thanx to Enfakid!)
A loyal fan of power rangers, ultraman, and lelain yg seangkatan dgnnyer
I notice he loves spicy food these days especially nasi lemak
Can write few numbers and alphabets though tak cun sgt
Extra sensitive

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